AD&D 1st Edition Player's Handbook Promo Poster


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Last Stocked on 5/14/2015

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AD&D 1st Edition Player's Handbook Promo Poster
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This is an exquisitely unique piece of TSR memorabilia. Hailing back from the original release of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game, this promotional poster features the original cover to the Player's Handbook, and the classic bold text of the time advertising its arrival. The poster measures 17" x 22". At this time TSR was in its infancy and the revolution that was the roleplaying game had not yet caught on, so it is likely that very few of these posters were ever produced.

This particular copy has a small patch of adhesive residue in a less than 1 square inch area on the back of the poster and only moderate creasing in it from the many years it has been since its release. The poster was stored rolled, so there are no folds in it, merely the creasing that inevitably comes from being handled. This represents a veritable crown jewel for a serious TSR collector, and its equal may never again be seen.

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