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18NL (Carl Burger's Personal Playtest Copy)

By: O-O Games (Double-O Games)

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: 18XX Train Games (O-O Games)

Last Stocked on 4/28/2022

Product Info

18NL (Carl Burger's Personal Playtest Copy)
NKG Part #
Boxed Game


This copy of 18NL was the personal property of Carl Burger, noted 18XX train game designer and enthusiast. This is a playtest mock up that was made out of a copy of Avalon Hill's 1830. The components are all handmade, refabricated from the components of 1830, or are reused from that game. Two rules sheets are included noting the differences between 18NL and 1830. It is uncertain how much sway or communication that Mr. Burger had with Helmut Olney, the game's original designer, during the playtest process and it is unclear if Mr. Burger made additional modifications or changes of his own to this specific copy. What is certain is that this was Mr. Burger's personal copy of this game, as it was purchased directly from Mr. Burger's wife.