More Trails

By: Politically Incorrect Games/Precis Intermedia

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Coyote Trail - Wild West Roleplaying

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More Trails
Sheryl Nantus, Peter Spahn, Brett Bernstein
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Keep the horses moving...

This supplement is designed to enhance and extend the Coyote Trail Wild West Roleplaying Game with the following...

Straddle County
Straddling both the Dominion of Canada and United States of America, this county remains in legal limbo as both nations claim ownership. The towns of Bucktooth and Maple Ridge work together to forge a living, but the peace could be shattered at any time as a claim of ownership is made. Includes an assortment of residents and locations from which stories can be based, plus an introductory adventure.

Mysteries of the Mountain
Does a fabled temple in the wilderness really exist? And is it truly filled with those who possess powers beyond comprehension and the treasures of dreams? Explore the existence of martial arts in the Old West, but only with the patience and endurance to prove one's worth. Includes a series of short, connected scenarios.

Other Trails
Introduce the United States Cavalry, Texas Rangers, Pony Express, and Pinkerton National Detective Agency to your games with a series of articles designed to do so in a simple and quick manner.

Optional Rules
Add epic sharps and rings, epic gunfighters and gangs, clockwork appendages, and advanced combat actions--pick and choose optional rules to enhance the game in a particular way.

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