AI Assault Squad

By: Warlord Games

Type: Miniatures Box Set

Product Line: Beyond the Gates of Antares - Algoryn (28mm)

5 figures

MSRP $24.00

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AI Assault Squad
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Miniatures Box Set
Age Range
14 Years and Up


The Algoryn Armored Infantry - or AI - are the elite fighting force of the beleaguered Algoryn Prosperate. For centuries the Algoryn have been at war with their brutal neighbors, the barely human and utterly merciless race of Ghar. To survive against these implacable aggressors the Algoryn have developed a militarized society in which every citizen is a warrior, where service and duty override everything else, and where the greatest honor of all is to serve in the Armored Infantry. Even amongst the veterans of the AI the Assault Squads are held in awe as the best of the best of a proud and courageous warrior race.

Assault Squads carry compact mag rapid repeaters, weapons capable of hurling a barrage of metalized shells that can cut through armor and overwhelm field defenses by sheer weight of fire. They are also armed with forearm-mounted distort spinner also known as D-Spinners or Spinners for short. Spinners hurl a mix of distort shells, which break apart local space fabric, and plasma energy strings that entangle and erupt whatever they strike. D-Spinners have a range of only a few metres, but can cause tremendous destruction even against the most heavily armored targets. The Assault trooper's armor consists of impact resistant plates that carry an enclosing reflex field, a robust and practical defense that offers protection against most weapons of Antarean space.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

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