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#1 "Rewriting the Cure Disease Spell, I Want to See My Lawyer, Barrow of the Old King"

By: Melsonian Arts Council

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Undercroft, The (Lamentations of the Flame Princess Zine)

Last Stocked on 9/25/2019

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#1 "Rewriting the Cure Disease Spell, I Want to See My Lawyer, Barrow of the Old King"
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In Heaven Everything is Fine

But not here. Here, everything is awful. If you aren't losing your limbs to obscure diseases you're having them lopped off by solicitors and disgruntled historical figures. Life is hard and short. As a consequence of this unfortunately tight schedule you must strive to pack as much misery into players' lives as possible. Their bodies and minds must be broken or at least so damaged as to wish they had been given a more conclusive result.

It's not easy, oh no, but this issue is here to help. If you've never had a game where a player has retired their character due mental anguish, outraged at the morals they have so flagrantly tossed away, fondly looking back on a time where they had all their limbs, then The Undercroft is the place to go. This issue can help. Or maybe more accurately, "help".

The Undercroft #1 is showing you an alternative method for inflicting degenerative maladies, donated by the kindly Alex Clements. His take on delayed cruelty and lingering deaths is an inspiration to us all. Further in you will find a fan favorite: lawyers. Crime has never been quite so fun, I fear it may lead us into a life on the seedy underbelly just for the thrill of being caught and the potential to create a loyal fan-base. Finally we have a little traditional adventure with a less traditional twist.

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