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Bestiary Article - Chimerae

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Bestiary Article - Chimerae
Genre: RPG - Fantasy
Pages: 2
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.1"
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Griffin: This noble carnivore, often featured in heraldry, has the wings, head, and forelegs of an eagle, and the size, body, and hindlegs of a lion. The rare specimens that reach civilization are a spectacular attraction in the Pamesani arenas. Griffins are gliders; despite their 20 foot wingspans, the powerfully-built beasts are too heavy for true flight so the wings needn't be clipped as long as the creature can be confined to the floor of the arena.

Hirenu: Although the lower body of a Hirenu is equine, it has the neck, head and wings of an eagle. Their avian heritage is further evidenced by their hollow bones and egg-laying. Hirenu are large, reaching 5 feet at the shoulder with a 30 foot wingspan. Only the strongest are capable of true flight but even those prefer to use thermal currents to glide silently onto their prey.