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Blood on the Streets

Blood on the Streets
Author: Matthew Sprange
Publish Year: 2015
Dimensions: 9x11.5x.75"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: WLGJD501
Type: Hardcover


This hardback supplement is jam-packed with lots of new rules, forces, Mercenaries, Talents, Heroes – and a brand new way of playing scenarios in your campaigns!

There are some great new Talent trees with which you can continue to customize the Heroes in your force. Some are serious additions while others are a bit more… fun! This new Futsie tree is a great example, allowing you to make your Hero absolutely mad – many citizens of Mega-City One cannot stand the fast-paced life of the city and with no employment to keep them occupied, some just snap and completely lose it. As you start on this Talent tree, you will find your Hero does not always do what you expect but as you continue to pick up Futsie Talents, he will gradually start to perform (a little) more reliably and gain the benefits of madness to boot!

Other Talent trees in Blood on the Streets make Heroes more effective when they lead Mobs, allow the customization of Lawgivers, permit you to field Judge snipers, and control heavy vehicles more competently. There is even one that reflects long term exposure to the Cursed Earth to add some useful mutations, including latent psychic abilities meaning almost any force can now have a psyker on their side. Speaking of psykers, the new Living Weapon Psi-Talent tree now allows them to shape their bodies into something extremely lethal…