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#1 "Witness the Murder of Your Father and Be Ashamed, Young Prince"

By: NDP Design

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Microgames (NDP Design)

Last Stocked on 7/13/2022

Product Info

#1 "Witness the Murder of Your Father and Be Ashamed, Young Prince"
Nathan Paeletta
Publish Year
NKG Part #


The King has been murdered. The only witnesses, his sons, gather to determine who committed the foul deed - and, more importantly, decide upon the heir to the throne. There is not much time. If a successor is not named by sundown, the agreements that the King had struck with Crow, the demon-god of trickery, will be broken and the kingdom will perish in a tide of blood and fire. Can you save your father's kingdom?

Players take on the roles of princes trying to determine the truth of what happened to their father. In the space of an hour, the players come up with the story of what happened to the King as well as determine the fate of the kingdom.

More Information:

This game was originally written for a design challenge conducted in October of 2008, by Jonathan Walton.The published game has been simplified and rewritten, and includes designer notes based on the feedback from the contest.

The game does require a set of components to play: two different-colored sets of glass beads, poker chips or any other objects not able to be differentiated by touch, and one coin, die, or other object that is able to be told apart by touch, as well as an opaque bag.

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