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Battlegroup Red Banner - Babylon Pattern (Premium Edition)

Battlegroup Red Banner - Babylon Pattern (Premium Edition)
Category: Board Games
Product Note: 17 figures
Publish Year: 2014
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: P-SU001B
Type: Miniatures Box Set


The Spetsnaz have arrived! SSU forces won't let North Africa and the Middle East in the hands of German tyrants, reactionary lackeys, American capitalists and international bankers! World Revolution arrives and no-one can stop it! The Spetsnaz are the most famous special forces on the planet and they will fulfill their mission or die trying. Whether you want to start a new SSU army or just expand the existing one in a desert environment, the Battlegroup Red Banner is perfect for you!

This amazing army box includes all the following units:

  • Podleytenant (Lieutenant) Vasily Kiritchenko of the Spetsnaz, also known as “Red Banner”
  • The “Killers”, a five men Spetsnaz Kill Squad
  • The “Saboteurs”, a five men Spetsnaz Saboteur Squad
  • The “Steel Wall”, a three men Steel Guard Fire Support Squad
  • The “Aleksei”, one KV-47K(Tsh) Light Gatling Walker
  • The “Anatoly”, one KV-47L(Tsh) Light Tesla Walker
  • The “Iosef Stalin”, one IS-5C Heavy Assault Tank

    All the models presented here are shown in Spetsnaz colors, used all around the Middle East, circa Summer 1947. There are two stats cards for each unit, one for Dust Warfare and one for Dust Tactics and Battlefield. Both are for the latest versions of the games and the Tactics cards are V2 ready.

    The Premium Edition models are not just “pre-painted”. What is offered is the exact replica of Vincent Fontaine’s work, Dust Studio’s Master Painter.