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Product Line: Board Games (Paitned Horse)

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Boxed Game


A quick playing game of wits for 2 players.

The K'uhul is a sacred ring of standing stone statues, once erected to appease the bloodthirsty god, Coatlicue. Although many mysteries surround K'uhul, it has remained fairly harmless over the past 1000 years.

Now two rival shamans have arrived to worship at the sacred site and discover that they are in violent disagreement over the origins and purpose of K'uhul. The only thing they agree on is that K'uhul is a gate to untold power.

As their increasingly heated arguments begin to disrupt the local village--the village Head Man decides to end the bickering by holding a contest: the first shaman to be able to successfully activate the power of K'uhul will win the respect and riches of the village, while the loser will be sacrificed to appease Coatlicue--who is no doubt annoyed by the constant bickering.

The contest is held on a 3x3 grid within the ring of sacred statues. The ring of statues is formed by making piles of "gate chips" which surround 9 single chips which form the gate itself. The gate chips come in two styles, Runes and Stars, and the 3x3 pattern they form must be manipulated to match that of one of the special "gate cards". By arranging the chips to match the pattern of a gate card, a shaman can "unlock" the gate.

Gameplay is further complicated by the presence of several types of "special" chips as well as "spell" cards that are activated when a gate card is "unlocked".

The first player to successfully "unlock" two of the face-up gate cards PLUS a final gate card from their own hand, will be declared the winner. The loser is then sacrificed during the ensuing celebration to the merriment of all.

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