By: Gamepeace

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Board Games (Gamepeace)

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Boxed Game


Trillõn (pronounced Trill-yõn), the game with a trillion faces.

Trillõn is a game unlike any you have seen or played before. It's different in many ways, but most of all, because its unique game board can be arranged in more than 1,000,000,000,000 different combinations. Trillõn is so unique that it's patented! A destined classic, its' brilliant design will outlast the test of time.

Trillõn's board is made up of 100 blocks that are a different color on each side, allowing the board to be arranged in more combinations than you can imagine. Designing the board is half the fun! Add some of your own optional rules to the already mind-boggling equation, and you are in for nearly infinite excitement.

Trillõn is a lighthearted game of math and counting and visualization. It's easy to play and offers both right and left brain stimulation. This is a game where the journey is as much fun as reaching the destination. A game of both luck and strategy. Be the first to maneuver your way across the board and you win!

Trillõn is a game of never-ending possibilities. If you started playing right now and never stopped playing for the rest of your life, you would not even come close to having played Trillõn in all of its nearly incomprehensible combinations. So, come on, you better hurry up and play! Time is ticking away....

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