#14 "Zombicide Season 3, Crustal Brush, General Consensus, Reapercon & Pax East"

By: CoolMiniOrNot (CMON)

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#14 "Zombicide Season 3, Crustal Brush, General Consensus, Reapercon & Pax East"
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Issue 14 brings an exciting first look at Zombicide 3, due to launch into its Kickstarter phase very soon. New features include eagerly anticipated PVP rules, survivor teams controlled by a single player, and helicopters! And that’s not the only Kickstarter we preview. Infamy Miniatures is beginning the ramp up for their new game set in steampunk London and featuring truly unique and amazing models.

You won’t want to miss this one, and this issue has got the inside scoop! On the gaming side, this issue is happy to announce a new feature called General Consensus featuring Miranda Bourke aka WargamerGirl. Her YouTube channel is well-known for its superior gameplay videos for Warmachine, and she brings her intimate knowledge of the game to our pages. Every issue Miranda will host a discussion topic for her and a guest general to dissect. This month it’s a particularly effective Khador list which yields some surprising results across tabletops everywhere. Convention coverage is hot this issue, with write-ups from Adepticon, ReaperCon, and PAX East. This issue has got all the highlights and news from these great venues, as well as an extensive gallery of Crystal Brush winners. And rounding things out there’s a Wrath of Kings painting guide, an opinion piece by Jen Haley on competitive painting, and new exclusive scenarios for Zombicide and Infinity.

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