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All American #3 - Normandy - 82nd Airborne at Shanley's Hill June 6-9, 1944 (Cardstock Map Edition)

By: Critical Hit

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: Advanced Squad Leader - All American

Last Stocked on 11/3/2019

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All American #3 - Normandy - 82nd Airborne at Shanley's Hill June 6-9, 1944 (Cardstock Map Edition)
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This is an official reprint produced by Critical Hit and exclusively available at Noble Knight Games!

This reprint contains the style of cardstock map that Critical Hit began using in 2013.

Caponnet, 8 June 1944: As the day wore on, the defenders of Hill 30 were reduced to a state of siege. The Germans were closing in from all sides, even occupying houses around the base of the hill, capturing American wounded. The French residents were driven out before their homes were burnt in reprisal. There was no effective cover as enemy mortars worked over the hill. Food and water were gone, bandages were used up and the shortage of plasma became desperate. Somehow Shanley’s men held out until nightfall. Volunteers were called for after dark to break out in search of blood plasma - a suicide mission that had to be attempted...

The fields of Normandy and the dreaded Bocage country are depicted on the Shanley's map like no other game before it. There are so many chokepoints that will become the focus of your game battles just as the same places were fought over during and after D-Day. The famous struggle on Hill 30, Chef-du-Pont and the bridge there, the Port Filiolet crossroads - all are depicted on our accurate game map.

In Shanleys Hill the first four scenarios depict the actions fought for and around the Norman village of Chef du Pont on D-Day. For the first time in the series, General Jim Gavin puts in a ‘personal’ appearance, leading his men down the railway from La Fiere. Using new components, this scenario also introduces a FlaK train, which the Americans must stop.

The next six scenarios follow the saga of Lieutenant Colonel Shanley of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment. In one, an attempt is made by a battalion of ethnic Georgians, led by German officers mounted on Kettenkrad half-track motorcycles, to push Shanley’s men off of Hill 30. Another depicts the famous attempt by Millsaps’ patrol to break through to Chef du Pont in search of blood plasma for the dying.

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