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Belegar Ironhammer

Belegar Ironhammer
Publish Year: 2014
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: GAW84-15-14
Type: Miniatures Pack


Stood defiant on his Oathstone, claimed from the shattered remains of his ancestors’ tombs, Belegar welcomes battle with open arms and grim determination. The leader of the Angrund Clan and true king of the Eight Peaks, his life is dedicated to reclaiming the home of his ancestors and avenging the grudges bequeathed to him.

Belegar Ironhammer stands battle ready in his gromril armor and back banner: each encrusted with gold and jewels. His right hand clasps the Hammer of Angrund - carried by the ruler of Karak Eight Peaks since the Angrund Clan first claimed kingship - while the Shield of Defiance is clamped firmly in his left. This miniature can be assembled either with or without the Oathstone, which has been inscribed with the runes ‘revenge’ on one side and ‘Oathstone’ on the other.

This plastic kit contains 11 components and makes one miniature.