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Armies at Gettysburg

Armies at Gettysburg
Author: Scott Bowden
Publish Year: 1988
Pages: 39
Dimensions: 8x9x.25"
Restockable: No
Type: Softcover


Armies of the American Civil War research series is a concise, factual, detailed study of the armies and leaders of America's great civil war.

Armies at the Gettysburg focuses on the armies and leaders of perhaps the most pivotal, and certainly the most famous, campaign of the American Civil War.

Armies at the Gettysburg provides painstakingly detailed and accurate orders of battle that depict the composition, strength , and armament of the armies as they were at this epic battle.

Included in these orders of battle are unit eliteness ratings as well as leader ratings for use in Empire Games Press simulation of the American Civil War, Stars*n*Bars - 3rd edition.