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Nephilim Starter Box (Limited, 1st Edition)

Nephilim Starter Box (Limited, 1st Edition)
Publish Year: 2013
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: HGFEDE-SB-NEP-LTD
Type: Miniatures Box Set


"The settler spaceship and her hosts had few weapons, to avoid disputes to develop into conflict and even, to destruction. Only rudimentary weapons and handguns were available. However, they did not take into account the warlike nature of the occupants. A struggle, due to the possible infection of some members of the crew lead to a mutiny and the warring sides were forced to make use of the most basic ways of fighting. The war set the entire spaceship ablaze, and, amidst the heat of combat, the panel that controlled space jump was damaged. The settler spaceship disappeared in a snap into a wormhole towards an unknown location.

Panicked by the disappearance of the salutary ark, the leader of Atrahasis conjuration tried to reproduce the coordinates of the jump of the ship but were unsuccessful. It would probably take years before they could send rescue teams.

As soon as they realized what the consequences of the accident were, the occupants of the vessel laid down arms. The control panel was damaged beyond repair and the journey, wherever it lead, was a one-way trip. They were determined then to lead a new life and to forget the past. The equivalent of ten years on earth elapsed.

The spaceship finished her jump almost in Earth orbit, in bad shape and without supplies. The Asim, the on-board scientists, determined that Earth atmosphere was hardly breathable but agreed on the pressing need of an emergency landing. The spaceship entered planetary atmosphere."

...This is how the Nephilims, described in the old sacred texts fell from the sky to bring despair to a previously damned land : Eden.

The Nephilims have discovered in Dobrogee an irradiated and hostile land, given to nefarious barbarians whose mere appearance frighten them. They are yet determined to turn this hell into a cradle for the rebirth of their civilization, whatever the price may be. They are the last hope of their species.