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Balkan Fury (Colonel's Edition w/Updated Maps)

Balkan Fury (Colonel's Edition w/Updated Maps)
Category: War Games
Sub Category: Popular War Games
Publish Year: 2013
Restockable: No
Type: Boxed Game

Balkan Fury (Colonel's Edition w/Updated Maps)
Balkan Fury (Colonel's Edition w/Updated Maps)


Please note that this is the new version including updated maps!

The Second World War Game Series is an interlocking series of games allowing player to simulate the entirety of World War II from 1/9/1939 until the final Surrender of Imperial Japan in August of 1945. Take the place of the leaders and change history.

Balkan Fury

There is trouble brewing again in the Balkans, an area synonymous with turbulent history with the forces of Italy, Greece, Great Britain and its Commonwealth, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria and even Albania ready to take up arms (and, to be sure, it is 'a sea of troubles'). There are 9 scenarios to be played out with 1120 counters on two 18 x 26 inch maps ranging from the Battle of Taranto right up to the campaign game starting from the Italian invasion of Greece in October 1940 through to the ejection of the Allied forces from Crete in May 1941. Can you as the Italian player live up to your leader's grandiose expectations or must you undergo the embarrassment of asking the Germans for 'assistance'? Can you as the Allied player form a Southern Front to help your Greek allies and keep the pressure on Turkey to enter the war on the Allied side? Inevitably, your forces will be too weak to resist a Wehrmacht close to its peak of efficiency but what would be the effect on world opinion (not to mention Turkey) if you leave the Greeks to their fate? After all, the war is a climactic struggle between the democracies and the dictatorships where the Allies have to do the right thing however bleak the probable outcome. And in war, you never know what will be the overall effect of some otherwise minor campaign especially with the Axis having to maximize their efforts at a time when their comparative strength is at its highest.

Fall Marita

The Italian invasion of Greece on 5/10/1940 started a chain of events that drove the Germans to order the subjugation of the Balkans. Can you accelerate Italian Operations and avoid German entanglement in the Balkans?

The Battle of Cape Matapan

Can the Italian fleet avoid a devastating defeat. Or can the Royal Navy continue in the tradition of Nelson?

That then is Balkan Fury, a game that exercises the talents of both the Axis and Allied commanders to keep losses to a minimum in what can only ever be a secondary theatre of the war while maximizing potential gains from this enduringly “strategic area”. As we have seen, even minor setbacks here can have a lingering effect on the Axis war effort which, unacknowledged by much of the German High Command, was on a time critical path where even the loss of a few weeks could have serious downside later on; it almost makes it palatable for the British commander to obey his political masters and commit troops to Greece!!!

Multiple Modules
   •Albania 1939
   •Albania 1939 (5 Day Game)
   •Greece '40
   •Operation Marita
   •Operation Marita Mercure
   •Operation Mercure
   •Operation Mercure (5 Day Game)
   •The Battle of Taranto
   •The Battle of Cape Matapan
   •The Grand Campaign covering the whole Balkan campaign from October 1940 to June 1941.
Full Simulation, including the naval and air assets that dominated the theatre
1180 Counters, lithoprinted and perfectly die cut
Super Detailed maps of the Balkans and the heel of Italy