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#5 "Full Circle"

By: Skirmisher Publishing

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Roll D-Infinity Supplements

Last Stocked on 9/11/2021

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#5 "Full Circle"
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To many of us, the idea of going full circle—as opposed to simply going in circles—is to not just come back to the place one started out but to also have accomplished or discovered something in the process. For us, that means looking back at what we have experienced as members of the game industry over the past three decades and beyond, from the things we have learned and enjoyed to those that we have created for the enjoyment of others. Of particular concern to us here, of course, is what we have accomplished thus far with d-Infinity.

d-Infinity Volume #5 Contents:

  • Editorial: Full Circle
  • Interview: Actor Craig Parker
  • Fiction: “The Dinner Party"
  • Digital Dice: Building Bookforge
  • Prop Room: Words Within Wheels
  • Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting: Adventures in Amazonia
  • Castle Builder/Swords of Kos: A Mesopotamian Wizard’s Tower
  • Basic System/Labyrinth Lord: Moats and Moat Monsters
  • Basic System/Labyrinth Lord: Six Blood Spells
  • Basic System/Mutant Future: The Ruins of Woebrook
  • OGL System: A Dozen New Druid Feats
  • Pathfinder System: Coldblooded: A Player’s Guide to Lizardfolk
  • Pathfinder System: Farces of Darkness Random Encounters
  • Pathfinder System: Ancient Stories of Scrolls and Eggs
  • Savage Worlds System/Low Life: The Inspiringly Pathetic Tale of Yort
  • Tunnels & Trolls System: Weeds in the River of Time
  • Sample Cardstock Characters
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