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By Savvy and Steel

By Savvy and Steel
Publish Year: 2013
Pages: 76
Dimensions: 9x11x.75"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: THW1059
Type: Softcover


By Savvy and Steel takes the player back to 17th Century Europe. Everyone’s heard of the Three Musketeers and the Cardinal’s Guard, and yes, By Savvy and Steel will work for that, but we’ve taken it a bit farther. How far? Glad you asked!

Instead of tying you into Paris of the Musketeers we let you travel the countryside in a generic country called Edenstein. It’s based on the Europe of the 17th Century and it could be France or England if you want, but it doesn’t have to be. You have the choice, it’s your story!

In By Savvy and Steel you can choose to be a Guardsman, Rogue, or Civilian. Civilian? Yes, you probably won’t want to be a Civilian but you could be if you wanted to. So why are they there?

Because it’s not all about dueling every day, in By Savvy and Steel, it’s about the adventure and Civilians make for good story lines. Maybe you have to rescue a kidnapped daughter of a wealthy Noble. Or maybe you’ve decided to be a Highwayman and rob coaches. It’s all about the story and that’s what By Savvy and Steel is about, the story, your story. Inside you’ll find:
  • A complete area to adventure in.
  • Multiple scenarios.
  • A variety of Classes for you to play.
  • A fun and interactive Dueling system (well it is in the Musketeers time period!).
  • A light book keeping campaign to track your character’s progress and link your adventures together.