Arsenal Box - Neverborn Wave 1

By: Wyrd Miniatures

Type: Box Set

Product Line: Malifaux - Neverborn (2nd Edition) (32mm)

Product Info

Arsenal Box - Neverborn Wave 1
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Box Set


We're entering a new world of hurt and this box contains all the guns, swords , and brutality you will need for you to survive your next fight. Inside, you will find every single stat and upgrade card for Neverborn featured in the second edition book. Now fight for your spot at the top of this twisted food chain.

Set Contains:

Master Stat Cards:

  • Lilith
  • Pandora
  • Zoraida

    Henchman Stat Cards:

  • Barbaros
  • Candy
  • Bad Juju

    Enforcer Stat Cards:

  • Doppleganger
  • Baby Kade
  • Mature Nephilim
  • Teddy

    Minion Stat Cards:

  • 3x Terror Tot
  • 3x Sorrow
  • Poltergeist
  • 3x Silurid
  • 2x Young Nephilim
  • 2x Waldgeist
  • 2x Beckoner

    Peon Stat Cards:

  • Cherub
  • Voodoo Doll
  • Primordial Magic


  • Nexus of Power
  • 3x Pact
  • 2x Fears Given Form
  • Stone of Tyrand Echoes
  • Aether Connection
  • Living Blade
  • Wicked Mistress
  • Summon the Blood
  • Beckon Malifaux
  • Nephilim Gladiatus
  • Obsidian Talons
  • The Box Opens
  • Voices
  • Cry For Me
  • Fugue State
  • Best Behavior
  • Depression
  • Crystal Ball
  • Animal Shape
  • Hex Bag
  • Tarot Reading
  • Eternal Fiend
  • Hexed Among You
  • Rapid Growth
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