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#365 "Amphibious Ancients, The Blue Danube"

By: Pireme Publishing

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Miniature Wargames Magazine #351 - #400

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#365 "Amphibious Ancients, The Blue Danube"
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Forward Observer

Reporting from a tent in a field somewhere, Neil Shuck covers the newsworthy ground, looking at WWII gaming in the Pacific, Osprey’s forthcoming skirmish games Of Gods and Mortals and A Fistful of Kung Fu, news about Judge Dredd, more Osprey goodness with their Myths and Legends: King Arthur release, Dreadball, 28mm minis for Skirmish Sangin, the Sulphur Kickstarter from Terragnosis and rounding up with some of the shortest musketeers you’ve ever seen.

Something’s burning!

Wargames widow Diane Sutherland goes into competition with husband John to create the best looking, quick and easy flames for wargames. So keep your pyromania in check with Diane’s handy tips!

Fantasy facts

John Treadaway is in retro heaven with the release of the Haynes Manual for Dan Dare. He takes a look at Gary Mitchell’s Space Vixens from Mars, examines new sci-fi and modern Russian miniatures from Eureka, ponders the question of when a 15mm giant becomes just a large chap in 28mm, revels in the latest 7TV miniatures from Crooked Dice and finally gets amazed by Ainsty’s enormous Wicker Man.

The blue Danube

Belgian duo Phil Dutré and Bart Vetters have made it possible to play the Battle of Aspern-Essling in 28mm in under 30 minutes. Well, sort of. Actually, they’ve created a brilliant game for participants to attempt to destroy the pontoon bridges thrown over the Danube by the French. Just occasionally, I utter the expression “genius!” and this thoroughly deserves the epithet.

Command challenge

Steve Jones has gone to the interesting corners of WWII and devised this marvelous early-war scenario with the brave Poles defending a village against the Blitzkrieging Germans. Easily adapted to suit any theatre and, indeed, many rulesets and periods.

A trump card

Arthur Harman has been rattling his galaxy-sized brain again and offers a brilliant idea: Napoleonic Top Trumps! A clever way to get kids involved with gaming or, indeed, a refreshing method for old hands to approach the subject. There will be some cards available for download from the blog at the end of the week. (The title of Arthur’s article comes from the caption of a Punch cartoon, published shortly after the Battle of Balaklava in the Crimean War, portraying the commander of the famous Light Brigade heroically leading his men amongst the Russian guns.