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#310 "The Huns, The Battle of Chalons, Incident at Lake Khasan"

By: Stratagem Publications

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Product Line: Wargames Illustrated Magazine #301 - #350

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#310 "The Huns, The Battle of Chalons, Incident at Lake Khasan"
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Origins of the Huns

We begin our theme content with a look at exactly who the Huns were, where they came from, and the mark they left on military history and wargaming.

War Tactics of the Huns

Society of Ancients President Roy Boss takes a look at the battle tactics of the Huns and presents a case for a rethink of the traditional view of how they operated in combat.

The Battle of Chalons, 450 AD

The Battle of Châlons was the high watermark for Attila and the Hunnic Empire. Rules writer and Châlons expert Simon MacDowell reveals how close Attila came to changing the course of history, and presents the battle as a wargame.

Huns of the Tabletop

Seasoned gamer Perry Grey makes some suggestions for using the Huns - and their allies & enemies - in a wargame.

Day of the Huns

We conclude our theme content with an outsider's look at the Society of Ancients Chalons Battleday.

Japanese! I Have a Few Ideas for Those

Flames Of War writer Wayne Turner presents some thoughts on using the Early War Japanese in actions outside of the Nomonhan/Khalkin Gol conflict - covered in the Rising Sun Intelligence Handbook.

War of Catastrophe and Independence

In 1948, the State of Israel declared its independence, and immediately had to start fighting to keep it. Rob Wubbenhorst recounts the air battles that were fought between the fledgling IAF and the REAF in those early days, and provides rules and a scenario for Check Your 6!

Incident at Lake Khasan

Between May and September 1939 the Soviets fought an undeclared border war with Japanese forces in Manchuria. However, this clash had been preceded by another battle in 1938 around Lake Khasan. The Lake Khasan battles present a number of scenarios for fun gaming opportunities.

Waterloo 1815

If you were at Salute 2013 you couldn't fail to notice the Essex Gamesters' massive Waterloo 1815 game. In this article we take a tour of the table, with the Emperor Napoleon as our guide!

Painting Japanese

James Brown and Mark Hazell provide us with a guide to painting WWII Japanese; infantry, armor and flags.

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