Sundering, The #1 - Murder in Baldur's Gate (3.5, 4E and D&D Next Compatible)

By: Wizards of the Coast

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D Next Beta Test Edition) - Modules and Adventures

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Sundering, The #1 - Murder in Baldur's Gate (3.5, 4E and D&D Next Compatible)
Ed Greenwood, Matt Sernett, Steve Winter
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Baldur’s Gate, a city in the grip of evil and on the verge of civil war! Murder in Baldur’s Gate is an adventure for character levels 1-3 set in one of the most popular cities in the Forgotten Realms.

Players take on the role of heroes defending the city against an ancient evil long thought slain. The adventure is authored by fan-favorite writers and designers Ed Greenwood, Matt Sernett, and Steve Winter. It’s playable using downloadable monster stats for multiple Dungeons & Dragons editions: v.3.5, 4th Edition, and D&D Next.

First adventure of the Sundering, shaping the future of the Realms! The Sundering is a major story event impacting the Forgotten Realms and Murder in Baldur’s Gate puts players directly into the story. Fans of D&D can not only take part in the events of the Sundering by playing adventures, but the actions that they take can permanently change the course of history and help shape the Realms forever.

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