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Product Line: Bagged Game Originals Series

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Nathan Hansen
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Swytch, the second in the Bagged Game Original series by designer Nathan Hansen, is a symmetrically balanced abstract strategy game for 2 players. Each player has two types of counters: Hexagonal and Circular. Hexagonal counters can move in 3 directions, while Circular counters can move in all 6 directions.

Each player tries to outmaneuver and eliminate all of the opposing player's pieces on the board. To do this, they can do one of three things on their turn. They can either: Move/Attack with a counter or stack of counters; prepare a stack of Hexagonal counters for an advanced move with changing directions; or "Swytch" (i.e., change the orientation of a stack of Hexagonal counters, and thus what directions they can move). Every time that a player attacks with a stack of counters, they MUST also Swytch with that stack immediately after.

The number of spaces a stack of counters can move/attack is determined by its height. When a player attacks by moving into an opponent's stack, they reduce the size of the target's stack of counters by the size of their own. If this is enough to eliminate the target, they do so. If not, they are forced to stop one space short and also reduce the size of their stack by 1.

Deeply strategic and full of possibilities, get the upper hand in Swytch!

Polybag Game Components:

  • One 8-page full-color Rules booklet
  • One 8.5” x 11” game map
  • 52 two-sided, multi-shaped game pieces
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