#111 w/The Marshals II - The Spanish Trap

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Product Line: Vae Victis Magazine w/Games #101 - #121 (Histoire & Collections, French)

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#111 w/The Marshals II - The Spanish Trap
Denis Sauvage
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Les Maréchaux (The Marshals) is an operational wargame designated to simulate campaigns lead by French marshals and generals of French Revolution and 1st Empire, when Napoleon was not directly acting on the theater of operations.

The game includes three scenarios:

  • "Dupont 1808" related to general Dupont's campaign in south of Spain against Spanish general Castaños, during summer 1808.
  • "Victor 1811" related to marshal Victor's campaign near Cadix against general La Peña trying to relieve the city siege with help of an English division, late winter 1811.
  • "Suchet 1813" related to marshal Suchet's campaign against general Murray for the last big battle in Aragona, spring 1813.

    Players are moving divisions and brigades on a "point to point" map. They have to deal with supply, forced march and to prepare battles. The leaders of each army have a key role in coordinating actions.

    The game includes:

  • one A4 map for Dupont's campaign;
  • one A4 map for Victor's campaign;
  • one A4 map for Suchet's campaign;
  • 108 die-cut counters;
  • independent rules and scenarios booklet.

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