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Autokrator w/Mini Expansion

Autokrator w/Mini Expansion
Category: War Games
Product Line: Autokrator
Author: Lefteris Iroglidis
Publish Year: 2013
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: DIA0011
Type: Boxed Game

Autokrator w/Mini Expansion
Autokrator w/Mini Expansion


Autokrator (a.k.a. emperor) is a medieval euro/wargame, about the wars from 7th to 11th century A.D. between Christians and Muslims. In Autokrator, you can control one of the major kingdoms/Caliphates of the Medieval Age striving to protect and to expand their domination.

  • the Franks/Holy Roman Empire
  • the Moors
  • the Saracens
  • the East Roman Empire (Byzantines)

    The players have 4 characters to use per round, the King, the General, the Admiral, and the Garrison, with special abilities for each character. The game has 5 rounds, and the players win or lose victory points based on the winning battles and the territories that they control.

    Every player take, from the beginning, their own battle cards deck (armies) and must divide them strategically to the above 4 characters at the beginning of every new turn.

    The original card battle system is based on the choices that the players have and the battle is fought between 5 battlefields (Plain, Hills, Forest, City and Ambush).

    Make your choices wisely and take your chance to be the next Autokrator my Lord!!!


  • 1 Game board 52x46cm (historical medieval mounted map)
  • 54 Battle Cards (12 per each faction and 6 for the neutral generals/cities)
  • 6 mini expansion cards
  • 4 Wooden Figures (kings)
  • 4 Wooden Figures (generals)
  • 4 Wooden Figures (admirals)
  • 40 Wooden Octagons (garrisons)
  • 20 Wooden Octagons (treasury and life indicators)
  • 2 Wooden Cylinders (timeline and battle indicators)
  • Rulebook/Historical Reference