Shadow, Sword & Spell - Expert Core Rulebook (Reprint Edition)

By: Rogue Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Shadow, Sword & Spell

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Shadow, Sword & Spell - Expert Core Rulebook (Reprint Edition)
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You have survived the trials and ordeals before you.

Through your wits, guile, and fortitude, you have fought back the hordes of unholy terror. You have saved countless men and women from the bonds of slavery. You have discovered hidden treasures, long forgotten tombs, and tomes of arcane knowledge. You have become a hero, an outlaw, a thorn in the side of the powers that be.

Your trials have prepared you, and now, you are ready to inscribe your name in the rolls of history. The world will feel your justice. Your enemies will know your vengeance. Those with the power will now have no choice but to share it with you. You will be a king and the dynasty you found will endure for centuries.

Shadow, Sword & Spell: Expert answers the question: What's next? Your hero has grown in power, and now they are ready to tame the world. Building upon the rules found in Basic, Expert adds new options and opportunities for your game.

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