#7 "Zombicide - Toxic City Mall, X-Wing - Wave 2, Sedition Wars - Lights Out Scenario"

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#7 "Zombicide - Toxic City Mall, X-Wing - Wave 2, Sedition Wars - Lights Out Scenario"
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Ravage Magazine US Issue number 7 marks a tremendous occasion for their fine publication! They have been sowing the seeds of growth and excellence for a full year, and now that they are going into their second year of publishing… it shows. The Ravage staff has always gone to great lengths to pack it full with useful gaming information and hobby skills from the corners of the industry, but now they can even do better.

This is all possible now that they have added even MORE pages to their magazine! That’s right, Ravage Magazine US just got bigger AND better… all for the same cost to you! Each issue of Ravage US allows them a chance to help create stronger links between the cogs within the machine that is the miniature game industry. They publish it to give the game publishers and artistes around the world a place where they can share their ideas and skills with readers everywhere.

Ravage magazine offers information from sources that some readers may not otherwise get the chance to see. This is what their magazine means to gaming as a whole – creating a haven where all miniature games, gamers and designers can come together to make the industry stronger and better. Ravage US #7 is a tome full of interesting articles and brand new materials. From its glossy pages filled with striking miniatures and helpful articles, to the assortment of brand new game resources and art enthusiasts joining their growing collection of sources.

This issue bursts its covers with new scenarios from DUST Tactics, Zombicide and X-Wing; the first scenario in the special Light’s Out Campaign for Sedition Wars, a great step-by-step procession how to quickly paint the CORE Warband for Dark Age, and reviews of new games and products headed to stores. All of that combined with some Ravage exclusive looks at some things to come in the gaming community... and they are happy to share it all!

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