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#7 w/Records of Three Kingdoms 190-280

By: Formosa Force Games (Board Wargame)

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Board Wargame Magazine w/Games

Last Stocked on 9/29/2018

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#7 w/Records of Three Kingdoms 190-280
Angeral Peng
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Records of Three Kingdoms 190-280 is a 2-3 players strategic-level wargame that simulates historical battles during the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China. Players control the Cao Wei, Shu Han and Sun Wu army respectively.

In the beginning of each turn, each player hires 2-3 generals and military counselors with corresponding soldiers. Each player can activate their generals and military counselors in one area to move, attack, remove, canvass, or cultivate. After each turn, they can produce food and soldiers from controlling areas. And some of their leaders might die in the next turn. You need to control the risk in every 5-10 years. Player who gets more victory points in the last turn of each scenario wins the game.

There are two scenarios in this game including the "Heroes Race for Power 194-220" (6 turns) and "The Rise of Three Kingdoms 223-280" (6 turns) and you can also combine the two scenarios to play the complete war of Three Kingdoms.

The components includes:

  • one 22*34 inches map
  • 180 5/8 inch die-cut counters
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