Forgotten Realms 4th Edition Double Pack

By: Wizards of the Coast

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Product Line: Forgotten Realms (4th Edition)

Last Stocked on 2/19/2017

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Forgotten Realms 4th Edition Double Pack
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Box Set


Easily the most memorable of all the Dungeons and Dragons campaign settings to date, the Forgotten Realms have evolved alongside the D&D games for over two decades, and now is your opportunity to take in the latest installment of the Forgotten realms with D&D 4th edition. This handy double pack of books give you the information for both player and dungeon master together at a low price. The realms have continued to change and the new campaign setting advances the timeline an entire century.

What new perils await adventurers in the realms? What fantastic new adventures are around the corner? What ancient treasures remain unearthed waiting but for someone daring and clever enough to retrieve them? Find out with this set of books that will provide you with opportunities unique to the Forgotten Realms. The Player’s Guide offers exciting character options including races like drow and genasi, as well as the swordmage class. The Campaign Guide gives a full rundown of how the Realms have evolved and offers exciting adventure starters and suggestions. The specific titles of the books are:

  • Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide (4th Edition)
  • Forgotten Realms Player's Guide

    The conditions of these books varies from Fair to VG+, with most being somewhere in between. The Campaign guide may be missing its poster map. Return to the classic setting with a whole new edition of the world’s most famous roleplaying game with the Forgotten Realms 4th Edition Double Pack!
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