Stalingrad - East Front 1942

By: Kokusai-Tsushin

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: World War Series (Japanese)

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Stalingrad - East Front 1942
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Boxed Game


The shift to a long war strategy, in June 1942, Hitler prospectus that to end in a short period of time the German-Soviet war by capture Moscow is out, has triggered a new offensive.

Is a "blue" plan.

the aim is to dominate the Caucasus region of Soviet troops is dependent on many of the oil supply, to usurpation to the next round ability of the Soviet army, Baku and Stalingrad was chosen as target capture. If Osaere these, it can be a serious blow to the economy of the Soviet Union. However, the excellent attack the German army was seen in the offensive immediately after the start, and dullness with the lack of supply, occupation of Stalingrad also Do postponed than originally planned. Before the advent of winter, the Germans would be in the hands of the Caucasus really?

"Stalingrad" is a strategic simulation from summer to winter of 1942, Soviet and German troops deployed fierce battle, the so-called "cluster lean Grado Campaign".

This battle is one of the climax of World War II, it was a war in which both forces fought to the utmost of one's power. Like the combat, there is a chance for both German army, the Soviet army in the game. However, to tie to win Taking advantage of it, strategic sense of the players will say things big.

Since the announcement was initially using the system relatively rare, this game was to step-up the rule book. To that of the conventional configuration and re-edited for those who got used to the game in this article but I record the rule book of two types. It is easy therefore, is to refer to a rule by using the latter system after learning. It is also possible to play games from the campaign suddenly. In addition, we also clarify the part was unclear epoch in the version, such as with respect to supply and initial placement.

It adds as well as track and markers to record the winning score and won due to break through the city and occupation.


  • 2 books rule book (page 32 + 16 page)
  • 1 My Maps
  • 3 pieces of sheet piece (12.5mm)
  • 2 pieces of color chart (both sides)
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