Blood Fire Territories, The

By: Dark Skull Studios

Type: Softcover

Product Line: New Gods of Mankind

Last Stocked on 7/9/2015

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Blood Fire Territories, The
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Richard Leon
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In the Bloodfire Territories, several tribes of mankind, once enslaved, escaped the clutches of the salamanders and their Dragon Gods. These tribes established several villages in the Plains of Lashon, called the Bloodfire Territories. This land is lush with resources and vegetation, and can support the growth of men, yet it is filled with threats-from terror-making Leviathans to packs of demons with their demon chiefs. This book is about the land, its new stewards, and their gods.
In this book you will find:

  • 6 Pre-generated Characters, illustrated and fleshed out with tribes and resources
  • A full description and back story for the Bloodfire Territories
  • Wandering encounter charts for the Bloodfire Territories and surrounding region
  • A full adventure titled "Demonic Infestation"
  • Appendix on Demons
  • Appendix on Resources
  • Plot Hooks and Festivals
  • 3 Color Maps and a printable color Token Sheet usable for any New Gods of Mankind Game

    New Gods of Mankind is a tabletop RPG with a flexible concept where you play a god with heroes and followers. As a god you can create your own heroes, develop your followers and your resources, build temples to your glory, and establish your own legends in this mythic age. New Gods' rule system is simple, with belief gained from your followers as the core mechanics (much like manna). Belief is used to cast miracles that can create, destroy, transform, or control matter in the world. New Gods of Mankind uses a simple scaling system for massive conflicts and employs a plethora of dice from a d4 to d100. Live the Legend! Become the Myth! Be a God!
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