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Genre: RPG - Fantasy
Product Line: Carmine
Author: Ron Leota
Publish Year: 2013
Pages: 210
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.55"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2147970203
Mfg. part #: IPRCOO301
Type: Softcover


Carmine is a non OGL D20 Role Playing Game. Genre: Black Powder/Steam Fantasy. They call it Alchemical Fantasy. Setting: The World of Carmine is an Island surrounded by a black void from which all number of evils come out of. There are 3 Major regions of Carmine. Western Carmine consists primarily of the city of Endilay. The people of Endilay are the technologically advanced of Carmine. They use science in their daily lives to create all sorts of alchemical devices and steam powered engines. They are the inventors of air ships. Eastern Carmine is controlled by The Legion. There are a number of cities in the Legion but the largest is Tarvin, it's capitol city. All able bodied citizens of The Legion must join the military. The Legion aims to take over all of Carmine to protect the people from themselves. Central Carmine is dominated by Deserts and Wastelands. In the Desert is an Oasis City called Amaranth that is run by a church of assassins. Further South in the Wastelands is Kartuga, the Arena, where blood sport is a daily occurrence, Drugs run rampant and there is only one law "Don't kill outside of the Arena, if you do, you will be killed." Carmine was created with the idea that any type of group could find a part of Carmine they liked playing in and the world would lend itself to any kind of role playing, from pure social to just kicking in doors and killing stuff.