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Blown by the Breeze

Blown by the Breeze
Product Note: 6 figures
Publish Year: 2013
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: AUW003
Type: Miniatures Pack


This versatile Character pack provides some colorful civilians, villains, and heroes to your ACW collection.

  • Red Budder- This scoundrel is both a blockade runner and a spy. He can charm any man or woman to his will with the single exception of the devastatingly beautiful Crimson O'Riley, the love of Red Budder's life and the one thing he seemingly can't possess.
  • Crimson O'Riley - The Star of any Southern barbeque, an inspiration to countless young Confederate officers, a vixen, a spy, and the curse of Red Budder.
  • Nanny- She has raised Crimson from birth and often can do nothing but shake her head at Crimson's unlady like behavior. That cleaver in her hand is meant for any rascal, Confederate or Damn Yankee that comes to close to Crimson's honor.
  • Suzy- Always on the run from over aggressive young men, deserters, Damn Yankees, and even ferocious squirrels. Second in beauty only to Crimson O'Riley ( and Crimson likes to remind her of this "fact" frequently).
  • Assley Weelks- The epitome of the gentle Southern Gentleman. This puppy faced Confederate Captain is sad to fight, sad to be away from his beloved wife Melody, and secretly sad he isn't with Crimson. It's all just sad really.
  • Melody Weelks- "Oh Assley, Assley" No one anywhere at any time has ever been as kind, as loving, as gracious and as wonderful as Melody Weelks who madly loves her Assley. Use the Private figure from American Uncivil War pack #1 to give her a good bashing. Of course, if you prefer, Captain Daring from the Sons of the South pack can be her protector while Assley is away. Or Red Budder can...

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.