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#109 w/Furor Barbarus
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Furor Barbarus is a an introductory level tactical medieval wargame. This is the fourth module of the "A la Charge!" series.

Each turn is composed of 6 phases:

  • Movement of Player 1
  • Combat of Player 1
  • Movement of Player 2
  • Combat of Player 2
  • Check victory conditions
  • Advance the Turn Marker

    Four battles are included:

  • Campus Mauriacus, 451 (Romans & Allies vs. Huns & Allies)
  • Soissons, 486 (Franks vs. Romans)
  • Tolbiac, 496 (Franks vs. Alamans)
  • VouillĂ©, 507 (Franks vs. Wisigoths)

    Many wargame concepts are introduced like Zone of Control, moving from hexagon to hexagon, command, firing long distance or close combat (melee), checking morale and retreating.

    A battle lasts between 30-60 mins.


  • NEW: Games card, all new
  • ANALYSIS: No Retreat! 3 (VPG)
  • ANALYSIS: Commando Series (DG)
  • ANALYSIS: Mr Madison's War (GMT)
  • ANALYSIS: Shield Wall (WDG)
  • ANALYSIS: Kingdom of Heaven (MMP)
  • ANALYSIS: Swords sovereign (Canons en Carton)
  • THAT CHOOSE: A top ten solitaire games
  • HOBBY: Designers and Developers (Part 4)
  • ART OF WAR: The Battle of Bzura 1939
  • SCENARIOS. Poland 1939 for ASL and M44
  • SCENARIO: USSR 1941 for the revival of the Bear
  • SCENARIO: The underside of the canopy to SoS
  • ART OF WAR: Latest Gallo-Romans
  • + ART OF WAR SCENARIO: Tornavento 1636
  • RULES + SCENARIOS: Missionaries and kicks Camisards
  • STRATEGY: The Knight Art of War, Part 2
  • NEW: The library strategic
  • HOBBY: The walking trail
  • NEW: The rules of the game with figurines
  • NEW: The parade of miniature figurines and plastic
  • NEW: review of reviews
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