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#196 "Mean Girls"

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#196 "Mean Girls"
Category: Novels & Comics
Publish Year: 2013
Pages: 64
Dimensions: 6.5x10.25x.2"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148599619
Mfg. part #: KEN196
Type: Comic


The Strips

Judge Not
      •The Ladies of Hack look over contest entries
Fair Play
      •The Ladies get mad and get even
Bait and Switch
      •Eddie gives B.A. the lowdown on Crutch's game
Blood and Scraps
      •Crutch's game leaves PCs bloodied
The Cold Shoulder
      •B.A. is snubbed
Lone Wolf on a Leash
      •Bob gets an earful in a break from the game
The Beat Goes On...
      •Bob fights for his PC's life -- with plastic
Hit Me Baby One More Time
      •A special birth announcement
One-Two Punches

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