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Baintaac - Vicious Toracx

By: Mierce Miniatures

Type: Miniatures Pack

Product Line: Darklands Miniatures - Fomoraic, Baalor (32mm)

2 pcs.

Last Stocked on 1/15/2019

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Baintaac - Vicious Toracx
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Miniatures Pack


The immense boars known as Toracx by the Fomoraic are rightly prized by their bestial kin, the Gabrax, as ideal beasts of war: solid and implacable, ferocious and strong, so much so that these beasts are almost always found amongst their warhosts. The more docile Toracx (for there are many kinds, some smaller, some larger, that are called such) are used as beasts of burden for menial and back-breaking tasks, and in times of need they can even provide sustenance for the hungry mouths of the Gabrax. Báintaac is a particularly vicious example, as notorious to the Gabrax as to their enemies for its wild temperament and brutal tusks and - as they have found to their cost on occasion - is almost impossible to control. Kept in a rudimentary cage and driven to a frenzy before battle lines are drawn like many other Toracx of the warbands, it is unleashed upon the enemy to wreak havoc as it will: for once unleashed, it will not stop until its fury and often its hunger is sated.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.