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Battlefield Objectives

By: Spartan Games

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: Dystopian Legions - Empire of the Blazing Sun (28mm)

8 figures

Last Stocked on 1/15/2018

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Battlefield Objectives
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Minis Box Set


Whilst some battles may be fought simply to inflict as many casualties as possible, many more are struggles over vital Objectives. Each of these Objectives are stunningly detailed markers, adding great feel and flavor to a battle. With these markers, a narrative theme to a game will naturally emerge. Now your Britannian Line Infantry can clash with Blazing Sun Ashigaru over Sturginium Cannisters and Ammo Crates, or your Teutonic Knights can defend Fuel Caches and Fallen Flags from fast moving Treadbikes.
Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

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