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Brute #2

Brute #2
Product Line: Dark Age - Outcast
Product Note: 3 pcs.
Publish Year: 2013
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: DAG5111
Type: Miniatures Pack


Brutes were made for heavy lifting, plain and simple. Genetically engineered to be preternaturally strong and tough, every Brute has a core skeleton as dense as stone and more muscle and tendon tissue as two normal men – and twice the testosterone as well. Brutes are always ready for a challenge to test their worth outside the labor roles they were created to fill, from entertaining the masses with feats of lifting or bouts of pugilism. The most obvious choice for a group of Brutes to show the Outcast gangs how tough and useful they are is to join the others in life-or-death conflicts in the Wastes.

Built for power and not speed, Brutes fight like most combatants should; they play to their strengths and try to avoid their weaknesses. In the case of the Brutes, their penchant for aggression and raw physical prowess lends to them a fighting style unlike any other. Hefting massive, three to four hundred pound slabs of concrete, chunks of metal or columns of stone often reinforced with chains and rebar, a Brute simply crushes its foes with all the subtlety of a landslide. Their heavy frames cannot move with any great agility, although not due to any mental deficiency, making them an easy target for ranged warfare. They try to mitigate this as much as they can by using their weapon as cover when they can, something that makes perfect sense considering others would likely use it for cover if the Brute wasn’t carrying it, after all!

Brutes are an elite squad that can be added to an Outcasts forcelists, crushing the enemies of the gang with raw, unadulterated strength and relentless power.

Unpainted figure, requires assembly. Comes with free unit card and premium plastic base.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.