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#303 "Touring the Alma, Grossdeutschland, Savage Wars of Peace"

By: Stratagem Publications

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Product Line: Wargames Illustrated Magazine #301 - #350

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#303 "Touring the Alma, Grossdeutschland, Savage Wars of Peace"
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Wargaming World War One

We introduce this month’s theme with an article that looks beyond the stalemate of WWI on the Western Front and sells the concept of gaming the conflict on a global scale.

Mons, 1914 - Part One

Looking for a World War One gaming project that avoided the attrition of trench warfare, the guys from the ‘Like a Stonewall’ Wargames Group decided to tackle Mons for their 2012 show circuit demo game. In this article Tim Whitworth describes the project for concept to reality.

“Brimming With Action And Big With Fate”

The first Great War action of a young Australia saw their troops in a raid against German possessions in the South Pacific. This article follows the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force as it attempts to wrest the island of New Britain from German control.

The Battle Of Solstice, 1918

We open up the Italian Front to some wargaming action in this article, as we introduce gaming ideas for Austro-Hungary’s final assault against the Italians.


Battlefront studio writers Wayne Turner and Phil Yates provide us with background and Flames Of War army lists for Hitler’s Führerbegleit and Führergrenadier Brigades during WWII.

Touring The Alma

Dave Andrews and Aly Morrison have been slowly building their Crimean War range in a chronological fashion. Once they had all the troops required for a slice of the Battle of the Alma they put together this wonderful table to travel around to wargames shows with. Dave gives us a closer look at this great gaming display.

The Kittanning Raid

Brad Pflugh and Bill Starmer bring us another exciting article from the French and Indian Wars. This time the tables are turned as the Pennsylvania Provincials launch a raid on the native village of Kittanning, all set to rescue captives and extract a measure of revenge.

Savage Wars Of Peace - Part Three

Andy Hoare provides us with some new ideas on developing your heroes (or heroines) and villains in the Savage Wars campaign, as well as taking a look at the First Sikh War and providing us with a Black Powder scenario for the War.

A Very Civil Civil War

On the heels of his latest book; Three Weeks in November, author and wargamer Ralph Weaver gives us the wargaming angle on an overlooked conflict in the heart of Europe.

PLUS You can also find: Matt Parkes’ article on converting your miniatures and Steve Dake’s thoughts on presenting wargaming to the public.

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