777th Croaked Regiment

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Product Line: FlintLoque & Slaughterloo Miniatures - The Undead of the Witchlands (28mm)

28 figures

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777th Croaked Regiment
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Minis Box Set


The 777th Croaked Line is fairly fluid as members drop in and drop out but it is essentially as follows. Three battalions in one line regiment with each battalion containing roughly one thousand Todoroni originated Zombies in various stages of decay. There are twenty companies per battalion with each having one hundred Undead in two platoons with a headquarters element which includes Vampyre officers and Liches of the KGB.

The uniform of the 777th Croaked Line is closely based on that of the Bella Lugosi militia which is not a surprise considering most of their number used to be in the service of the Nepolise army. A white jacket and white trousers with black shoes and shako. Facings, collars and turnbacks are red with gold braid. Equipment is black and straps are white. Greatcoats are grey. Officers are armed with a sword and sometimes a pistol while Liches carry the Book and also a sword. All Todoroni Zombies are armed with a standard musket typically without bayonet. Those 777th sections with a cook will have the cook wearing a white apron and hat, carrying a pot and a hatchet.

Todoroni Zombies can have far more variation in their skin tones just like their mortal counterparts do over typical Undead and creatures like Elves.
You will find all shades of grey and putrid greens but also dark blues and even some pinks or yellows as well among the ranks of the Nepolise Undead.

Special mention must be made of Count Eviski's crack company of the 3rd Battalion of the 777th Croaked Line. The Count has assumed the role of 'Butcher of the Ferach' and pushes his rotten troops to the limits. Operating almost as light troops they range ahead of the rest of the battalion looking for prey. The 'Pinkies' are armed and equipped just the same way as the rest of the 777th but their uniforms are rather different. A pink tunic with grey trousers along with black shoes and shako. Facings are red or white and braid is golden. Equipment and straps are black. There is a far higher proportion of Fresh Zombies in Count Eviski's company due to their ranging ahead and rumor has it that they have their own Graviski Reanimator device with crew in tow. (Uniform by Eve Hallow).

When playing Slaughterloo with this regiment use the Slaughterloo rules as normal for the Undead and treat them as follows with this statistics line. The 777th are classed as Undead Infantry and armed with Standard Muskets. See the BIO Uniformation article for the statistics of the unit.

Special Rule: 'Todi Snaki'. The 777th Croaked Line contains Zombie Chefs (between one minimum and three maximum) as part of its ranks in play. As long as one of these characters is part of the unit then all mortal enemies attacking the unit in melee will suffer a -1 to their Melee Mod due to the fear of being 'cut up'. When casualties are allocated to the unit in play it is the owning players choice if they wish to remove a Chef or not however every fourth miniature removed MUST be a Chef.

This set contains twenty eight 28mm white metal miniatures. Plastic Bases included.

The 777th Croaked Line are Undead Todoroni comprising a Todoroni Vampyre, KGB Liche, Musician (with squeeze box), Standard Bearer, Three identical Zombie Chefs with hatchet and pot and multiples of Zombie with Musket marching, Zombie with musket standing and Skeleton with musket advancing.

This boxed set of miniatures forms an entire Slaughterloo unit. See codes ATA55520, ATA55020, ATA55021 for other packs for this set.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

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