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#107 w/Korea 1950

#107 w/Korea 1950
Category: War Games
Sub Category: War Game Magazines
Publish Year: 2012
Dimensions: 9x11x.25"
Restockable: No
Type: Magazine


Corée 1950 (Korea 1950) is a game simulating the beginning of the Korean war from June 1950 to January 1951.

It contains 3 scenarios:

  • Invasion (June 1950)
  • Counterattack (September 1950)
  • Intervention (November 1950)

    Each turn represents 10 days. One player commands the "communist" forces (North Korea, China, Soviet support); the other player UN forces (South Korea, USA, other UN countries).
    Corée 1950 is an operational game in which troops management, supply and reinforcements are as much important as combat resolution.

    The game system take the same mechanism from Opération Husky, Sicile 1943 (Vae Victis #101) by adapting the scale and the situation.

    Magazine Articles contain:

  • NEW: Games card, all new
  • ANALYSIS: Franco-Prussian War (VPG)
  • ANALYSIS: Neuve Chapelle (WDG)
  • ANALYSIS: Coral Sea (B3rdG
  • ANALYSIS: Ukraine'44 (MMP)
  • ANALYSIS: Keren 1941 (DG)
  • ANALYSIS: In Magnificent Style (VPG)
  • HOBBY: Designers and Developers (Part 2)
  • ANALYSIS: Summer Lightning (The NL)
  • ANALYSIS: Leuthen (VPG)
  • ANALYSIS: Beyond Waterloo (LPS)
  • ANALYSIS: D-Day Dice (VG)
  • ANALYSIS: Combat Mission-Fortress Italy (BF)
  • ART OF WAR: The body rapidly during Barbarossa Hungarian
  • SCENARIOS: USSR 1941 M44 and ASL
  • STRATEGY AND SCENARIOS: The amphibious assaults, Pacific EFA scenario
  • SCENARIO: Guadalcanal 1942 Combat Commander
  • ART OF WAR: Korea 1950
  • ART OF WAR SCENARIOS +: The Retreat from Russia 1812
  • ART OF WAR SCENARIOS +: Play the armies of knights Art of War
  • RULES: The Byzantines to SAGA
  • NEW: The library strategic
  • HOBBY: The walking trail
  • NEW: The rules of the game with figurines
  • RULES: The review of reviews
  • NEW: plastic miniatures
  • NEW: 6 to 28 mm, the parade of miniature