Amethyst - Evolution

By: Dias Ex Machina

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Amethyst (4e) (Dias Ex Machina)

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Amethyst - Evolution
Chris Dias
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Amethyst: Evolution is the second book in the Amethyst saga, following the release of Amethyst: Foundations. Evolution is a player supplement, offering options for characters both within the Amethyst setting and in homebrew games. As always, any part of the canon Amethyst setting can be modified or removed to match up with your own playing style or if you wish to create a unique setting using the rules presented here. This rulebook includes:

Lifepaths: New lifepaths are being introduced including options for divine and evil characters.

Races: Kodiak, pagus, and tenenbri are introduced as playable races. In addition, all the old races of Foundations are reprinted and revised to match up with the developing 4th Edition philosophy.

Classes: Get up close and personal with a new techan class, the vanguard. Older techan classes are expanded and revised with alternate class features and powers. Also included are revised Foundations classes presented with simplified abilities and fixed level features instead of encounter and/or daily powers. These classes may replace original Foundations classes in your current game if it permits these alternative classes. These do not replace the classes from Foundations ; both versions are compatible with each other and players can elect either option in a game without upsetting game balance.

Paragon Paths: New paths are available for new races as well as options for classic races and classes.

Feats: Dozens of new feats are offered, including martial arts and explosive feats.

Epic Destinies: New epic paths are now available for both echan and techan characters.

Equipment: Nuclear weapons (yes nuclear weapons) are available. Look for larger power armor and aircraft. Players can now (clumsily) wield super heavy weapons.

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