Hive and The Flame, The

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Hive and The Flame, The
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In the Hive and the Flame Alien Invaders meet the Thin Red Line of the British Army. Using the well tested Sword and the Flame British Colonial game engine and Eight Hundred Fighting Englishmen's mechanics for larger scale battles, The Hive and The Flame brings in the alien arthropods from Terry Sofian's Hive, Queen and Country setting.

Advanced Victorian technology, backed up by the guts of rough British Tommies face off against giant arthropods armed with claws and mandibles. Even Zulus and Dervish can't match the selfless devotion these creatures show to The Hive. Can the humans and their science and courage match biological killing machines bred to cleanse a planet of all life? Steampower airships and land fighting machines help to even the contest between soft and weak humans, who are badly outnumbered by the rapidly breeding creatures. Larry Brom's original and inventive rules are smoothly integrated with both the alien menace and steampunk technology. Rules and background are included for numerous insectoid invaders and many new weapons and technologies for the Imperial defenders.

Ownership of The Sword and The Flame and/or Eight Hundred Fighting Englishmen is required to use this product.

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