OSRIC - Old School Reference and Index Compilation (2nd Printing)

By: Black Blade Publishing

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: First Edition Adventure Games (Black Blade Publishing)

Last Stocked on 5/20/2022

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OSRIC - Old School Reference and Index Compilation (2nd Printing)
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The Old School Reference and Index Compilation, or "OSRICTM", is the retro-clone of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First Edition game published by TSR, Inc. in the late 1970's and early 1980's. First released in 2006, OSRIC was one of the first retro-clones to hit the gaming scene and garnered a great deal of attention, both good and ill, from the larger gaming community. OSRIC paved the way for other retro-clones such as Labyrinth Lord (retro-clone of the Moldvay Basic/Expert D&DTM game) and Swords & Wizardry (retro-clone of the Original Dungeons & Dragons game, or OD&DTM ).

This SECOND PRINTING is a case-bound hardback release of OSRIC and contains the latest 'version' of the OSRIC rules - version 2.2 for those that keep track of such things - and has fixed all currently known errata. In addition, the Black Blade Publishing & Usherwood Publications imprint of OSRIC has these features:

  • Eleven new full page, black & white illustrations from artists such as Peter Mullen, John Bingham, Peter Fitzpatrick, Peter Smzer, Brian Thomas, Steve Robertson, Mark Allen, and Jim Holloway.
  • A new and expanded, four-page OSRIC index, developed by Jason Zavoda.
  • A new Index of Tables, also developed by Jason Zavoda.
  • A heavy, 70# grade of interior paper stock, giving the OSRIC hardback a 3.1 lb. heft.
  • Cardinal (red), 80# endpage stock, giving OSRIC an old school finishing touch.
  • Gold PIece (GP) values have been added to the treasure tables in Chapter 6 Treasure.
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