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Crokinole 26" Tournament Board - Beech Wood

Crokinole 26" Tournament Board - Beech Wood
Category: Board Games
Publish Year: 2012
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: MDG4304
Type: Boxed Game


This new board was inspected and supervised during manufacturing to ensure the quality would be top-notch. It has a hardwood veneer of 100% real beech wood, a hardwood that is sure to last for years to come. This board is a full-sided tournament board and has many upgrades over their older versions released in 2010 including:

  • Upgraded wooden box for the game. This new wooden box has twice as many holes in the top so both players have their own scoring track, not a shared track. The shared track worked great but was a bit of a problem when the score was tied. Also the holes on the scoring track have been re-worked so the pegs for the scoring are the same size as the pegs for the board. It just simplifies things for everyone.
  • -Improved quality control and manufacturing process so there will be very little damage/scuff marks on the boards out of the box. Their 2010 release sometimes had some scratches/scuffs on the board when it came out of the box due to poor handling.
  • Better finish on the playing surface. In addition to 5 coats of lacquer/finish applied to the surface they have also applied a wax sealant to the top of the board. This will make the board faster right out of the box and while they still highly recommend an application of Carnauba wax be put on the board before playing for the best experience, this will be much better right out of the box too!
  • This has the same specs as their previous boards other than the above, namely the same 30.5" dimensions (26" playing surface, "Tournament Sized") as well as solid MDF base with water-tight finish on the back to avoid the board absorbing moisture/humidity/spills and preventing the warping that many plywood based boards experience over time.


  • 1 Crokinole Board
  • 1 Scoring Box w/ Scoring Track
  • 2 Scoring Pegs
  • 12 Discs + 2 Extra (Natural Wood)
  • 12 Discs + 2 Extra (Black)
  • 8 Wooden Pegs
  • Full Color Rule Book Included

    Please note the table the board is sitting on in the picture is not included.