Asim Light Carrier

By: Mongoose Publishing

Type: Minis Pack

Product Line: Noble Armada - A Call to Arms - House Al-Malik

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Last Stocked on 4/18/2016

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Asim Light Carrier
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Minis Pack


The Asim fulfills a similar role in the al Malik fleet as does the Ijiri for Li Halan – both are intended to be fleet control vessels as much as light carriers. Lacking the speed of the Ijiri, the Asim instead relies on being able to burrow its way into the al Malik fleet as a whole, appearing as just another ship that is contributing to the constant bombardment of rockets, missiles and torpedoes.

The weight of firepower the Asim is able to add is not overwhelming as, like all light carriers, it effectively gives up a gun deck to be used as hangars and launch facilities. Because of this, it concentrates on rocket launchers, weapons that while inaccurate are capable of launching a veritable barrage that, of course, completely bypasses enemy shields. However, given the capabilities of the Mishima and Peregrine fighters it carries, this is a more than worthwhile trade.

This pack contains three Asim light carriers.

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