#2 "Dust Tactics Scenarios, Infinity - Posthumans, Malifaux - Twisting Fates"

By: CoolMiniOrNot (CMON)

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#2 "Dust Tactics Scenarios, Infinity - Posthumans, Malifaux - Twisting Fates"
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Issue number 2 of the newly re-forged Ravage Magazine US might only be the second of its ilk, but it is the first of its kind. Miniature game enthusiasts and hobbyists alike will enjoy this issue, as that we have packed it with loads of information and skills from a host of different industry professionals.

Each issue of Ravage US helps build a new atmosphere for the miniature game industry. We publish it to give different gaming companies a chance to open their minds and share with readers all over the world. This magazine offers information from miniature companies that readers would not otherwise ever see. This is what Ravage means to the industry as a whole – a common ground where all miniature games, gamers and designers can come together to combine forces for the better of gaming everywhere.

Ravage US #2 contains an array of articles filled with great information. This issue contains interviews with Mantic’s makers of games like Dwarf King’s Hold and Warpath, a great look at how to achieve some amazing artistic effects on miniatures, reviews of new gaming products hitting the market, a never-before seen peek at some rules found in the upcoming Dark Age: Devastation, and Cool Mini or Not’s look at Adepticon and Crystal Brush 2012.

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