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Awakening, The

By: Usherwood Publishing

Type: Module

Product Line: Usherwood Adventures (Osric)

Last Stocked on 4/9/2020

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Awakening, The
Alphonso Warden
NKG Part #


1,000 years ago, a race of locust-like inter-dimensional humanoids known as the villoi came to the Prime Material Plane on a colonization mission. In the name of their deity, the Hive Queen, they initiated the construction fortified temples in the forested regions to the northwest of Cannabaudes. Once completed, the temples became the base of operations for a campaign of terror against the good peoples of the regions surrounding Cannabaudes. Their hit and run attacks instilled fear across the region. After many decades, the villoi abandoned the Prime Material Plane. But a few enclaves of the vile creatures remained behind, hidden deep within their mighty temples. These communes of villoi entered into an artificially induced hibernation, in the hopes of being resuscitated in later centuries by new and hopefully more formidable ambassadors of their race, and continue their plague upon the inhabitants of the continent.

And now the villoi have been awakened from their centuries-long slumber by an evil greater even than themselves. Can your party of intrepid adventurers stop the combined menace before all the lands are over-run? Enter the lands west of the infamous Blood Pass to uncover the secret, and thwart The Awakening. An all new adventure based in the Usherwood Adventures campaign setting, by Alphonso Warden. Use with the dar Origo Liber campaign setting, or set within your own campaign world. Designed for First Edition and OSRIC(TM) fantasy-based roleplaying game systems, includes conversion notes for Third Edition fantasy-based roleplaying game systems. Includes; Wire-O binding for lay-flat use, new OGC (Open Game Content) creature, 5 detailed maps, 12 defined encounters (with plenty of opportunities for off-shoot missions), copious space for DM notes, and complete Game Master's Adventure Log for keeping your game organized.

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