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Introductory Adventure Bundle

By: Usherwood Publishing

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Usherwood Adventures (Osric)

Last Stocked on 3/16/2018

Product Info

Introductory Adventure Bundle


4 1st Edition adventures in one book! Includes:


"...It's a good one, folks.." Papers-and-Paychecks, review posted at the Knights-n-Knaves Alehouse

For hundreds of years, the monks of Sheargardt Manor at Luci Keep have provided spiritual guidance, and world-class ale to the folk who lived nearby in Luci Village. The Keep itself was tasked with keeping the pass over the high mountains of the central continent safe for travelers throughout the year.

But in recent months, creatures dark and wicked have plagued the countryside. The ‘insectmen’ (as the locals named them) have created no end of anarchy and fear among the populace. And especially within peaceful Sheargardt Manor itself.

After many dark days, the Abbot Christoph sent no further word regarding his battle against the foul creatures...

The Door of Infinite Portals

The lone sentinel stands 7 ft-tall, is some 3 ft-thick, and 6 ft-wide. Its existence is relegated to the purview of sages, story tellers, shamans, and imaginative bards. Reasons for the Door's appearance throughout history is unknown, and tales of its creation (as well as its true purpose) are equally mysterious and varied...

This all new adventure includes:

  • 4 complete modules New player character race
  • 5 new creatures New magic items
  • Open Gaming Content 6 detailed adventure maps 19 pre-generated PC templates (including 8 new PC classes unique to the Usherwood Adventures setting)

    Designed for First Edition and OSRIC fantasy-based role-playing game systems.

    The Rebel Factions

    Well over a century ago, six noble houses from the dark elf city Dar Multai grew tired of the incessant, petty political maneuverings of the seven other noble houses in the city. Moreover, they were experiencing a profound loss of faith in the patron deity of their city, the capricious and largely uncaring Spider Goddess. In spite of their chaotic natures, representatives from these six frustrated noble houses spent several months concocting a plan to leave Dar Multai permanently and seek their fortunes elsewhere. They eventually discovered a long-abandoned dark elf city organized around the worship of an elder, largely forgotten god in the direct opposition to the Spider Goddess. It took these dark elves several decades to rebuild the city to its former glory, and they are now poised to...

    Yrchyn, the Tyrant

    COMPLETELY REVISED ADVENTURE! Buyers spoke, and we listened! This is an all new retelling of Book 1 of the Bone-Hilt Sword campaign. All new maps, all new encounters, and sporting an all new layout with cover art by Peter Szmer.

    An intrepid band of adventurers enter the treacherous cavern complex of Yrchyn — the tyrannical chieftain of a tribe of blood-thirsty kobolds. Does the party have what it takes to rid the region of these lizard vermin? And what else may lie within the dark, dank caverns? And is this just the beginning of the party's troubles?
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